Personality Development & Assessments

Personality Development & Assessments

Face of corporate india is changing and for effective performance at the workplace, companies need their employees to have not only domain knowledge, technical and analytic skills but also communication and interpersonal skills. Soft skill training is an integral part of Techno NJR and students undergo various soft skill and language training through internal and external resources throughout their 4 years of stay with the college.

Soft Skill Training

Techno NJR lays great emphasis on developing overall personality of students with year round training by India’s best known soft skill training organisations like Global Talent Track (GTT) and Society for Human Resource Management ( SHRM).

SHRM under their unique ” HR integration Programme for Engineers ” train students by sending practicing senior HR professionals to Techno NJR campus who interact with students and conduct sessions in the areas of visioning, goal setting, time management, presentation skills etc. Senior HR professionals of companies like Hughes, Airtel, KPMG, Accenture, Hexaware have already visited the college for this training.

Employability Assessment Test

As most of the jobs in Global companies are now available through employbility tests, Techno NJR students are contineously assessed for their employability level through Computer adaptive tests conducted by widely respected companies like AMCAT , eLitmus , CoCubes, Monster and Mettl. Most students perform well in these tests resulting in job opportunities for them in well known companies.