IBM Watson Analytics Academic Program Student Edition

IBM-Watson_logo2-e1493752611672As an enrolled student at Techno India NJR Institute of Technology – Udaipur, you are eligible to get a free subscription to Watson Analytics Student Edition (to be used for non-commercial purpose only).

Watson Analytics is a cloud-based analytics platform that enables academic users to easily find answers within their own data. The platform facilitates the process of going from a research question to actionable data without the need for in-depth experience in data analytics and statistical methods. The user interfaces combined with natural language interactions and cognitive capabilities guide you through a series of questions which enables advanced analytics, allowing you to answer questions about your data and hopefully discover new insights. A combination of exploration, discovery, and visualizations enables you to create clear and compelling narratives that are supported by your data.

To get started, please click here to register for your student license. You will receive an activation email to get into your account. You must use your official TechnoNJR student email address to obtain your free license, but please do not use the same password that you use for your TechnoNJR ID.

Any question should be directed, in the first instance to

Note: This is a cloud-based service that is provided at no cost by IBM’s Watson Analytics Academic Program.