Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

electronicsDepartment of Electronics and Communication Engineering of TINJRIT has very advanced laboratories equipped with high end instruments from Agilent, Rohde and Schwartz, Tektronix and Texas Instruments. The powerful CAD tools for VLSI, RF Design, Electromagnetic simulation and Circuit simulation provide high tech platforms for experimentation with extreme flexibility. Students and faculty of ECE are continuously engaged in updating the knowledge through projects, experimentation, Industry tie-ups and research publication. The department has best academic results and highly professional Industrial technology trainings are conducted regularly by reputed organizations, Industry experts and faculty members. Graduates are placed in TCS, Cognizant, eInfochips, 3i-Infotech and other multinationals.

State of Art Laboratories

  • Advanced Microwave Laboratory equipped with X-Band Test-benches and
  • Microstrip Components/ antennas, Test Facility 6 GHz VNA by Anritsu
  • Advanced Linear Integrated Circuits lab with FPAA and ASLK kits
  • Digital Signal Processing and Image Processing Laboratory
  • Signals and Systems Laboratory
  • Embedded Systems Lab equipped with PIC, ARM, AVR kits
  • Wireless Communication with Satellite, GPS experiments
  • Digital Circuits and Reconfigurable Hardware Design laboratory
  • Advanced Analog & Digital Communication Laboratory
  • Optical Fiber Communication Laboratory
  • Microprocessor and Digital Electronics Laboratory

Research Center Lab & Advance Design Platforms

  • Microwave Passive Component and Antenna Design and research Laboratory
  • FPAA Analog design and research kit
  • Feko, ADS, Genesys and SystemVue for RF and Communication system design
  • Anechoic Boxes for Antenna Testings
  • Spartan – 6 for Reconfigurable Digital Circuit experimentation
  • Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processing TMS320
  • Texas Instruments Digital Image Processing platforms
  • LabView for Virtual Instrumentation
  • VI Microsystems RF Filter and Amplifier design system
  • Emona Kits for communication system analysis
  • Color Pattern Generators

High End Instruments

  • Tektronix 25 MHz dual arbitrary waveform generator
  • APLAB 4 Channel 100 MHz Color Oscilloscope
  • Logic Analyzer 200 MHz 250 Msamples/sec
  • Fluke Multimeter& Aplab 4 ½and 5 ½ Digit Multimeters
  • 3 MHz AM FM Function Generator
  • 3 M Hz Multi Function Generator
  • Universal Programmer
  • LCR Meter
  • ¾ Digital Multimeter
  • USB Interface For Robotic ARM Edge By OWI Robotics
  • Siglent 2 Channel 50 & 70 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • Agilent 4 Channel 100 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator

Hardware Kits and Design Tools

  • TI TMS32C6713 DSK with 16 MEG SD-RAM DSP Boards.
  • FPAA Kits-Programmable Analog Array
  • FPGA Kits-Programmable Gate Array
  • Dream Catcher Instrumentation & Measurement Kit.
  • Dream Catcher Analog Electronics Kit
  • 8086 Microprocessor Board
  • PSOC Board
  • FRDM Board
  • Mentor Graphics Front-End & Back-End tools (HEP1 & HEP 2)
  • Xillinx
  • OrCAD Version 16.3
  • RF Design
  • Agilent’s ADS, Genesys 

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